The Shower Flower Hair Trap

How many times have you experienced that moment when you see something as simple as a paper clip and think to yourself, it`s such a simple idea? These simple ideas are ultimately the product of someone’s solution to a simple problem or inconvenience experienced by themselves. In 2012, following the frequent and unpleasant ritual of unblocking the shower drain, we commenced working towards a chemical free alternative to dealing with this problem. This was the beginning of what is now the “Shower Flower Hair Trap”.

Over the following year we designed and proto-typed a device to capture hair prior to entering the shower drain, before becoming this unpleasant problem.

We’ve all been there, the dreaded task of clearing the inevitable hair build-up from your bath and shower drains. Improvised solutions are rarely effective, and harmful chemicals pose a substantial health risk as they mix with other substances in your drains (such as soaps and shampoos), as well as potentially damaging your pipes as they corrode more than just the blockage. The advantage in using the Shower Flower Hair Trap is that this is a preventative solution rather than the reactive chemical or improvised one.

The Shower Flower Hair Trap has been awarded patent protection in Ireland and the UK, as well as boasting European Design Registration. Simply pop the Shower Flower Hair Trap into your drain, and remove and replace after 1-2 weeks, depending on usage – it’s that easy!

Available in a wide range of floral designs, the Shower Flower Hair Trap also comes in a variety of plain colours as well as corporate and company logos as required.

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