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Breaking Ground Enterprises is a new Irish company, founded in October 2015 by its owners, Brian and Deirdre Collins. Established to develop and manufacture a range of new innovative products, operating from Clane Business Park, Clane, Co. Kildare. The primary objective of this new company is to offer to businesses and consumers alike:

  • Value engineered solutions to everyday problems.
  • Solutions to facilitate leaner production processes.
  • View all opportunities and products with continuous improvement in mind.
  • Develop bespoke machinery to accommodate production of our products.
  • Develop and take our products to market with a view to exporting to other markets.

Each product, now under development, can trace its origins to the various circumstances and problems experienced. Currently, there are four products under development. Each product will be produced from plastics, incorporating various production methods such as:

  • Injection moulding.
  • Vacuum & Thermoforming.
  • Die-cutting & Embossing.
Brian Collins

Brian Collins

Brian’s background includes a range of specialist positions, working for leading corporations in the print and packaging industries.

  • Print & Packaging Industry (Americk Marchmont)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (Amcor)
  • Construction Industry

Deirdre Collins

Deirdre has worked in a variety of customer-facing roles and has an exceptional ability to relate to customers and clients across all industries

  • Motor Distribution Industry
  • Health & Lifestyle Education
  • Construction Industry
Deirdre Collins

Both driven by our desire to innovate and solve everyday problems that we all face in the home, and our attention to detail, we have an innate ability to identify opportunities and have achieved some significant milestones to date, most notably:

  • Patent protected
  • Investment of substantial personal funds into the development and prototyping of the Shower Flower Hair Trap, our manufacturing facility and machinery
  • Several products at prototyping and development stages

Contact us:

Phone: +353 (0) 45 868 277
Mobile: +353 (0) 87 9917 256
E-mail: info@theshowerflower.com

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