Tired of having to deal with the age old problem of blocked bath and shower drains?

Introducing The Shower Flower Hair Trap.

The Shower Flower Hair Trap is an innovative, affordable and sustainable solution, which fits neatly into your drains and catches this hair. Simply remove and replace with a new one every 1-2 weeks to keep your drain working, and avoid the frustration and hassle!

The Shower Flower Hair Trap

Blocked shower and bath drains are an unwelcome yet inevitable problem for most of us. These blockages are caused by:

  • The build-up of hair which has become caught in the drain
  • The accumulation of dirt and grime to the entrapped hair

This leads to interference with the normal flow of waste water from the bath or shower down the drain, and can ultimately result in damaged pipes and flooding. Improvised removal tools are rarely effective, and chemicals are harmful to both those who use the shower and the pipes in which they are used.

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